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9-11 10th Year Anniversary Brand Sports Duffel Bag

9-11 10th Year Anniversary Brand Sports Duffel Bag - featuring tough polyester 600 denier construction with heavy vinyl backing, U-shape zippered compartment, and zippered side pocket. Bag also comes with 9-11 anniversary logo imprint on one side and the tag line "Never Forget, Stay Vigilant, Remain United" on the opposite side. Available only in black.


EKTIMIS 9-11 10th Year Anniversary Branded Duffel Bag. The brand word EKTIMIS is derived from the Greek word, "EKTIMISI", which means Respect. Duffel bag features:
  • Tough polyester 600 denier construction, pictured
  • Heavy vinyl backing
  • U-shaped zippered large compartment
  • Zippered side pocket
  • Velcro secured side pocket
  • 20 inch length
  • Anniversary logo quality imprint
  • Commemoration tag line imprint (Never Forget, Stay Vigilant, Remain United)
  • Black color


Maximum Order Qty: 1000

NOTE: Items are not refundable

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